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Monday, November 30, 2015

The Top 12 Runway Trends of Spring 2016

How best to sum up the mood that emerged from all the action on the Spring 2016 runways? In a word: profusion. Here was maximalism of a new stripe, writ large everywhere, from the collection of Gucci’s magpie creative director, Alessandro Michele, to those of romantics like Alexander McQueen’s Sarah Burton and Erdem Moralioglu. If the season’s new clothes are any indication, shoppers are hungrier than ever for something to grab onto, for an emotional component that extends beyond mere high-gloss luxury. Designers have responded in kind, serving up the romantic, the eye-catching, and the ornate. Even the industry’s most-famed minimalists are wearing a certain eccentricity on their sleeves—in Phoebe Philo’s case, we mean that quite literally, with the period-tinged full-sleeves she showed at Céline. With the season’s visual feast, how best to make sense of what you’ll be shopping for come springtime? We’ve broken down the 12 key trends here.

source: vogue.com

Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Mini-Me Effect: How Celebrity Kids Take Good Hair for a Street Style Spin


Fashion’s favorite bombshell moms may be walking proof of the undeniable magic that happens when a great head of hair is treated to a bouncy blowout, but it seems their kids are taking their beauty cues from an edgier source: street style.

Cindy Crawford’s teenaged doppelgänger, Kaia Gerber, who has clearly inherited her mother’s legendary mane, was spotted in Manhattan recently with thick twin Grecian braids, an off-duty-model favorite that was paired with a downtown uniform of black skinnies and a biker jacket.

Over in Boston, Gisele Bündchen’s 2-year-old, Vivian, showed off a wispy, face-framing wreath that promised to benefit as much from a gusty day as her mother’s trademark windswept waves do.

Speaking of the offbeat chic of a little seasonal static, one look at Vivienne Jolie-Pitt’s fuzzy flaxen waves may be all you need to give your hairbrush a break this Thanksgiving weekend. And we wouldn’t be surprised if Ciara’s son Future inspired the singer’s recent natural-curls moment with his adorable fluffy texture. Here, four amply maned mini-me’s who have much to be thankful for—good genes included.

The Unexpected Reign of “Period Piece” Style on the Spring Runways

“We are attracted to clothes that have a history, a past life, a new romanticism.” That’s Philosophy designer Lorenzo Serafini on fashion’s current mood. As he told Vogue.com, “What captivates me about Victorian style is the layering and internal structure of the clothes, almost always with bustiers and corsets that have been traditional symbols of femininity. Come to think about it, those are the elements that I subconsciously reinterpret in lingerie—little structured jackets and corsets.” Beyond Serafini’s Victoriana-by-way-of-David-Hamilton vibes, Jonathan Anderson showed oversize leg-of-mutton sleeves at his eponymous label, and Erdem Moralioglu put a dark spin on prairie prettiness. Find Spring’s best “period pieces” in the slideshow below.

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source: vogue.com

Ready to Bare (Almost All)? The Bra Top Is In for Spring ’16

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Wallflowers, take warning: In keeping with the runways’ newfound yen for nudity, designers are daring their clientele to bare just a bit more for Spring with a host of bra tops. Interpretations ran the gamut, from Alexander Wang’s dreamy, cream-colored take at Balenciaga to Dries Van Noten’s more substantial, layered imagining. Amid the artful pieces on Simon Porte Jacquemus’s runway was a cinched poplin bandeau. As for how to wear it, styling, he says, is crucial. “It could be worn on top of a simple T-shirt or a classic [button-down] shirt. It can be very easy or not.”
Consider this equation: The flimsier the top, the more generous a pant or skirt you’ll want to opt for. Jacquemus’s mannish trousers, for example, make a winning marriage with the style. Whether you go for a bra top in your own life or not, perhaps this trend is one that’s a harbinger of larger sea changes. Per Jacquemus: “I think we all need to be free, and bare is, of course, a [sign of] freedom, before being a fashion trend.” Amen.

source: vogue.com

Saturday, November 21, 2015

6 Hair Mistakes That Are Aging You


Friday, November 20, 2015

The best makeup for your face — finding the best look for your features

    Image: Monica Schipper/Getty Images


Makeup tips for your eye color, hair color and face shape


There are so many makeup tips floating around in the beauty blogosphere that it can be difficult to decipher which tips are best for you. We've spoken with some of the best beauty experts in the industry to come up with makeup advice specific to face shape, eye color and hair color. These tips are meant to make the most of your natural features so that you look your best with the least amount of time, energy and products.

Use these makeup tips to decide what looks best on you!


What color are your eyes?

 Images: Judy Eddy/wenn.com, Ray Garbo/wenn.com, WENN


It's important to consider your eye color when deciding on shades of eye makeup. Matching your eyeshadow to your eye color can look too monochromatic, so instead we've come up with some tips to help your natural eye color stand out. Use these tips below to decide what makeup hues work best with your eye color.


What color is your hair?

Makeup tips for your hair color
Image: WENN

Factor in your hair color to determine what makeup hues work best on you. By making the proper color choices with your eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers and other makeup, you can make subtle enhancements that make a big difference in your look. Use these makeup tips below as a guide for the shades and techniques that work best for women with red hair, blond hair and dark hair.


What shape is your face?

Makeup tips for your face shape
Images: FayeVision/wenn.com,  Dave Bedrosian/Future Image/wenn.com

Our faces are commonly categorized into six main shapes: oval, square, round, heart-shaped, oblong and diamond-shaped. Use these tips below as a guide to determine what makeup techniques work best for your face shape. You'll find advice on eyeshadow and eye liner, foundation, blush and more.

More: How to determine your face shape
Remember: Looking great is not about the amount of money you spend on your beauty products — rather it's about applying the proper techniques and colors to enhance your best natural-born features. Use these makeup tips specific to your eye color and hair color, as well as your face shape to achieve the best look possible.

source: sheknows.com

Thursday, November 19, 2015

How Real Women Stay Chic All Winter Long

Photo 1 of 123 


Keeping up appearances isn't easy when it's below zero, but don't let the dreary weather totally spoil your style. While we've all experienced days where sweatpants are all we can manage to slip on, all it takes is a little inspiration to get us excited about clothes again. Taken straight off of the streets of cities like New York, London, and Milan, these creative cold-weather street style outfits are truly a breath of fresh (not frozen) air. These chic women, snapped on the sidewalks, manage to take our favorite basics and make them feel unique; jeans, booties, and a cozy scarf can seem surprisingly original when viewed with a new perspective.
Read on to see how these stunning ladies are inspiring our Winter style, no fancy pants (or coats or dresses) necessary. Check out all the latest shots from Haute Couture Fashion Week, Men's Fashion Week, plus the rest of our favorite Winter street style when you scroll.

source: http://www.popsugar.com

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

68 Photos That Prove Rihanna Can Wear Literally Anything


When it comes to fashion (or anything, really), RiRi is no shrinking violet. On any given day, she's introducing a daring new trend or styling trick and making it look effortless. Here, find every single time the Barbadian bombshell left us awestruck with her head-to-toe look.

Source: http://www.marieclaire.com

Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation SPF 20 by Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation SPF 20 by Giorgio Armani

Monday, November 16, 2015


Infinite information is out there on fashion and what makes certain trends so appealing, which colors are best to wear, which pieces make the biggest impact. It's no secret that we're fascinated by the psychology behind our sartorial obsessions—and making style choices backed by science is what any savvy woman should do. But with so many facts and findings floating around the Internet, it's hard to apply it all to your real-life look.
To make it easier, WhoWhatWear compiled a list of five items that will make you instantly more attractive—all based on studies and surveys conducted by legitimate research teams. See these must-haves below, plus two more essentials we thought the list was incomplete without.

1. Heels
According to this study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, not only was heel height found to be directly proportional to a woman's attractiveness to men, but men were increasingly likely to exhibit helpful behavior and to spontaneously approach a woman the higher her heels were. 

2. The Little Black Dress
Black has been determined by many sources to be the number-one color associated with characteristics such as sexiness, confidence, and intelligence.

3. Shoulder-Baring Styles
Thought breasts and butts were the only features men cared about? Think again. Researchers at the University of New South Wales discovered that men were highly attracted to women's shoulders and arms.

4. Something Red
The color of passion, love and romance is a favorite of men for women and of women for themselves. Surprise, surprise. The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology just made official what we already knew.

5. A Bodycon Silhouette
While long limbs (as indicated above) are still high on the list of attractors, there's no denying the seductive appeal of a buxom hourglass figure. A paper published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior indicates that women with larger bust-to-waist and waist-to-hip ratios tend to catch men's eyes  faster and keep their gaze longer than their longer, lankier girlfriends. If you have those Kim Kardashian curves, flaunt them.

6. Lipstick 
On a bad day, there's always lipstick. Nothing provides the instant pick-me-up quite like a swipe of your signature shade—and apparently others will respond to it, too. Researchers at a French university found that  waitresses who wore red lipstick saw boosted tips from male customers. Similarly, a study conducted by Boston University women wearing a moderate application of makeup were perceived as more attractive, competent, and trustworthy.

7. Sunglasses
While not technically supported by any official study (that we know of), every fashion girl knows the power of a good pair of shades for making her look put-together and hiding tired eyes. Not to mention adding a touch of mystery and intrigue that's guaranteed to turn heads.


Sunday, November 15, 2015


20 trends for Fall/Winter 2015-2016


With graphic black and white, hard-hitting punk, folksy tribal, military styling and an Eighties comeback, the continuation of a Seventies Summer tells a story of multiple influences for Fall/Winter 2015-2016, in a celebration of personal style. We edit the trends on the runway this Fashion Week.


Friday, November 13, 2015

How to do face makeup step by step?

Properly executed face makeup to add complexion radiance, will cover signs of fatigue, the curtain imperfections and wrinkles. To the makeup you do not need to have a huge amount of cosmetics. See for itself that adequate knowledge and a little bit of practice is all you need to look like a real star.

If you do not have time to elaborate face makeup (or just taking the first steps in the field of make-up), you need really only three cosmetics: equalizer, powder and rouge. In addition, you must always carry a good moisturizer and eye cream. Good hydration of the skin and the skin under the eyes is the foundation of every successful makeup.

When skin is properly hydrated, its problematic parts we put the equalizer. It is good to do it at the beginning of makeup, because once we superimpose shadows under the eyes and pimples, we find that the rest of the face does not require us already so heavy make-up as it might seem at first. When it comes to choosing the equalizer eye, it should be a shade lighter than your skin tone. How to recognize the color corrector is right? If after applying concealer seems to be greyish, earthy, it means that it is too bright. If the place of its imposition becomes very yellow concealer you have to be too dark. Equalizer was first applied at the inner corner of the eye, right on the nose. It is usually the darkest part of the face. Lightening her make immediately spend more rested. Concealer should also be applied to the entire area under the eyes and gently pat with your finger. If your face there are any imperfections (blood vessels, pimples), it also curtains equalizer.

We move to the next stage, namely primer. We can be applied in three ways. To get an accurate opacity, apply primer specially designed brush. To get the delicate face makeup or cover up only some parts of the face, apply foundation with your fingers or a makeup sponge. Particular attention should be paid to cereal nose, because almost always there are dilated.

 The next step is to apply face powder. Powder consolidate all the face makeup and allow him to survive in immaculate condition throughout the day. Best for loose powder. Sprinkle the face with a specialized, large brush. If you have dry skin, zapudruj only the nose and forehead. Do not forget to impose powder on the eyelid, it will prepare them for the application of shadows.

The last step is to blush. Before you apply it on the cheekbones, shake out the excess brush. Why? Because it is easier to be modeled face by applying several thin layers of pink, than trying to wash away the excess. For applying blush, use a broad brush. We go from the cheekbones to the hairline and good rub. For most women is the best roses in stone, but if you have dry skin, you can use roses in cream.

Yes executed facial makeup will make you look stunning. Now, just skillfully emphasize the eyes and lips, apply a moisturizing lip glos

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

How I Lost Fat Fast In 3 Weeks With This Weight Loss Diet

Are you looking to lose weight quickly? Are you sick of all the scams out there like diet pills and infomercial products that promise the world but don’t deliver? Then I have the solution for you!

Everybody says that weight loss is an extremely difficult task that takes months and sometimes years, and that you have to eat terribly boring foods to see any results. I know for a fact that this is not true because I lost over 20 pounds in only 21 days using a secret diet I found online.

http://anulka67.3weekdiet.hop.clickbank.net I was in the exact same situation you are in now. I was overweight, lazy, and hated my body. I didn’t feel sexy, or slim, and I hated buying new clothes because I knew I always had to buy the extra large size. I had tried all the diets out there – from the low carb diet, the sugar free diet, the cabbage soup diet, the mango diet, the acai berry diet, and frankly, none of them worked for me. I had tried going to the gym regularly to exercise but honestly, when you are a full-time mother with 3 kids, who has the energy to workout every day for hours on end? Then, I discovered The 3 Week Diet and my life changed.

I was doing some searching on Google one day for “extreme diets”. You know, not the types of diets that take months of slow, boring progress, but the “rapid” diets that work fast. I came across an article by a world class nutritionist who said he had tried a program called The 3 Week Diet and was able to lose 1 lb of body fat a day for 3 weeks by following it. 

I could hardly believe it. 1 pound of fat per day? I didn’t think it was possible. My goal that I had been trying for years to achieve was to lose 20 pounds. And this diet was promising that I could achieve that in only 20 days! All those years of feeling frustrated and disgusted by my body would be over in an instant. I visited The 3 Week Diet and watched the video where the doctor explained how he was able to create a scientific method to burn the fat fast, without using diet pills or exercise. I had never heard someone explain a diet like this before, but everything he said made 100% sense to me.

I quickly joined The 3 Week Diet and begun the process of losing weight quickly. Day 1 of following the diet, I lost half a pound of fat. Not bad. Day 2 on the diet and I lost a massive 2 lbs of fat! By the end of the first week I had lost near 10 lbs of pure body fat. My stomach was slimmer, my butt was firmer, and I could actually fit comfortably into a nice pair of jeans!

http://anulka67.3weekdiet.hop.clickbank.net I followed the diet for the entire course of 3 weeks, and by the end of it, I had lost a staggering 25 pounds! That was more than I had expected! Friends and family were commenting how much weight I had lost, and I was getting looks from young men half my age! I had never felt healthier or happier in my entire life. I could now wear any outfit I wanted, I felt more confident. My husband was so pleased and excited. He loved my new body and our sex life improved dramatically!

I owe it all to The 3 Week Diet. It changed my life and it allowed me to lose so much fat off my body without having to starve myself or do strenuous exercise. It was honestly so easy to follow and keep up with.

The 3 Week Diet is an extreme diet for rapid weight loss that shows you how you can lose over 20 pounds of pure body fat in just 3 weeks. Whether you want to lose weight off your belly, hips, butt, or thighs, The 3 Week Diet is fastest way to lose weight quickly without diet pills or exercise. Speed up your metabolism and discover the secret foods you need to eat to burn the fat off fast with this diet used by A-list celebrities and professional athletes. Start shedding the pounds today by visiting
====>>> The 3 Week Diet now!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Victoria's Secret Model Street Style: See What the Beauties Wore to Show Fittings

Street style shots of Victoria's Secret Fashion Show beauties prove that the models have off-duty style just as amazing as the lingerie they'll wear on the runway. Even though the extravaganza will air on CBS on Dec. 8, the actual show is happening next week in New York City. And while we know a lot (Lily Aldridge will wear this year's diamond-palooza Fantasy Bra, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid will be in the show), we don't know exactly what each stunner will be wearing on the catwalk. What we have been made aware of? The perfect-for-fall outfits they all wore when attending fittings this week at the the brand's Manhattan headquarters.

Candice Swanepoel

 Swanepoel picked a form-fitting black dress and classic pumps that she toughened up with a black leather moto jacket. She's spotted in a lot of round sunnies too, and this workday was no exception.

 Vita Sidorkina

 Need proof white jeans work post-Labor Day? (And for a fall date night to boot!) Sidorkina pulled over-the-knee boots over her pair, tucking in a thin white top and covering up with a blush jacket tossed over her shoulders. Her bag is by Ralph Lauren.

Cindy Bruna  

 Unseasonably warm NYC weather let Bruna sizzle in a crop top that bared some prepared-for-the-catwalk abs. From her bomber jacket to tall boots, the rest of her look was made of fall style staples.

 Kate Grigorieva

 Grigorieva looked super laid-back in a combo of all the seasonal staples we're currently living in: a crewneck sweater, jeans, and flat ankle boots.


 While the V.S. runway is usually a fantasy of bright colors, sparkle, and other sweet things, Sampaio looked comfortable rocking the all-black model-off-duty vibe (save for her snowy purse—clearly she didn't get the memo on how much we're loving matching purses to coats).

 Romee Strijd

 Kendall Jenner still appears to be out in Los Angeles, but we see some shared style sensibilities between her and Dutch beauty, Strijd. The high-waisted skinny jeans, silver belt buckle, and ankle boots scream K.J.


 Another statement leather topper made an appearance, this time with studded sleeves. Braga counted on the piece to fall-proof her white denim and strappy sandals.


Monday, November 9, 2015

What are the advantages of mineral cosmetics?

Mineral cosmetics not only allow you to make permanent make-up, but also safe for the skin and help with skin imperfections, eg. In the case of acne.  

What part are mineral cosmetics?


Mineral Cosmetics - durable and safe makeupCosmetics ideal not only those that provide a captivating effect makeup, but also those that guarantee safety for the skin during use. These expectations combine mineral cosmetics.Their specificity is light, powdered formula selected minerals, which helps you achieve the desired opacity. Perfectly fit to the skin and provide durability makeup.One hundred percent natural mineral cosmetics composition, free from parabens, silicones and preservatives, it makes the skin can breathe freely.

For who recommended mineral cosmetics?The composition of mineral cosmetics is based on a ground into a fine powder with a small amount of minerals, organic matter, which is especially important for women who have problems with complexion.At the end of the last century, when the US was fashionable plastic surgery and invasive aesthetic procedures, there was demand for safe cosmetics make-up. It was primarily designed to speed up regeneration of the skin, relieve irritation and mask imperfections. As a result, they created new lines of products that do not harm the skin, and even heal it, it does not clog pores, are free of allergens and irritants, so even women having sensitive skin or prone to allergies can safely use them every day.A wide range of minerals to absorb excess sebum without drying the skin, soothes and slows the aging process.

Whether mineral cosmetics to protect against the sun's rays?Laboratory tests have shown the presence of a mineral sleepers high-level filter to 60 SPF, which forms a natural protective barrier against harmful UVA / UVB rays.

What is the composition of mineral cosmetics?Minerals contained in cosmetics are substances perfectly matched to positively affect the skin. The basis include:

borosilicate, calcium-aluminum
boron nitride,
titanium dioxide,
calcium carbonate,
tin oxide,
zinc oxide,

Boron nitride is a lightweight, smoothing the skin mineral that improves adhesion and prevents the cosmetic appearance of wrinkles.Calcium carbonate is responsible for the absorption of excess sebum, resulting in a matt finish, while brightens the complexion and scatters the light.Calcium-aluminum borosilicate is reflective properties and leaves the skin luminous particles.Extremely important is zinc oxide, which antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties make the skin heals faster and redness are reduced.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Eye Cream for Wrinkles, Dark Circles, Puffiness & Bags - BEST 100% Natural Anti Aging Gel With Hyaluronic Acid, Organic Jojoba Oil, MSM, Peptides & More - For Men & Women - InstaNatural - 1.7 OZ

  • Youth Express Eye Gel contains a potent combination of ingredients for maximum results. Hyaluronic Acid hydrates the skin and plumps it up with moisture, while Matrixyl 3000 firms the skin and Plant Stem Cells enhance its strength to protect against sun damage and other external aggressors
  • Diminishes Dark Circles & Puffiness - This gel provides all around care and protection to the eye area. This powerful formula will help reverse the signs of aging and revert your skin back to its natural youthfulness. It will help you tackle dark circles, eye bags, crow's feet, fine lines, sagginess and puffiness so you can obtain a healthy and radiant appearance.
  • Safe and Natural Ingredients - We are proud to use natural ingredients in our product with NO parabens, sulfates or alcohol. It is also full of organic ingredients and safe to use on ALL skin types.
  • Apply to your cheeks and forehead as well to moisturize your skin and prevent premature aging. Improve your tone and texture to attain a smooth and brilliant complexion.
  • Manufacturer Warranty - InstaNatural backs their products with a Lifetime Money Back Warranty, no matter where you buy our product. If you're not satisfied, just contact InstaNatural for a full refund.
  • visit:  http://amzn.to/1kDVjKF

What Your Nail Polish Color Says About You

Each of us has a favorite color nail polish. Some of us are fans of the classics and elegance. Secondly, they can not imagine your manicure without the craziness. Apparently the color you choose is not accidental, because it proves the traits of our character.


Your middle name is minimalist. You do not like to stand out from the crowd, most of all appreciate inner peace. The most striking advantage nude nail color is that they fit to any outfit.


You love the classics and you're confident. According to Leatrice Eiseman - director of the Pantone Color Institute, red is the color most seductive of all, it is not surprising that it is the color of the fairer sex to love all men.


Friday, November 6, 2015

Colorful Stockings to Raise Your Style Quotient

Stockings are the new fashion statement of the millennium. For some it is just one of the clothing in the wardrobe while others may find it as a piece of accessory that adds glam quotient to their attire. Pair it up with anything like skirts, tunics, dresses and you are sure to add a magic touch to your personality. Stockings are available in various colors, prints, fabrics and have become the flavor of the season.

This new fashion accessory is a must in every woman's wardrobe. Stockings are also known as hosiery or hose even known as Nylons, used to cover the legs and feet. Apart from the usual black, beige and ivory, this season brings some attractive colors in the stockings that will look stylish and stunning. This gentle attire can be worn almost with all the garments. Many international celebs like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce Knowles and Victoria Beckham have sported it at events and have become the talk of the town.

Today women are open to experimenting with their looks and attire. Earlier stockings were seen as utility clothing but now with changing times, it is looked at as an attire to raise your style quotient. It is important to wear it with the right garment. If the dress you are wearing is dark, pair it up with bright color stockings. Darker the tone of stockings, slimmer will be the look.

Stockings with lycra are always well fitted and easy to slip on. Pair up your red dress with classic black colored polka doted stockings and you will have all eyes popping. Wear the right pair of heels to complete the look. This pair of clothing can be worn to work, parties or any special occasion as it goes well with any event because of its versatility and eternal charm.

A wide range of stockings are available in the market. When talking about different types of stockings, it is necessary to know about its kinds and knits. From sheer stockings to glossy or classic stockings, you can avail anything to style up your persona. With funky opaque stockings flaunt your legs without actually showing off anything. It's also a good option to remain stylish even in winters.

Fishnet stockings are very popular and give the wearer a sexy look. It can be worn with any outfit and are available in standard black, bold and trendy colors. Besides, one can buy the latest designer stockings to become stylish at a snap and available in attractive designs. If you want to get noticed, adorn fashion stockings available in the trendiest styles. To enhance your legs, one can find stockings decorated with bright stones, lace, bows or zippers even ripped. It's a sure step to look exceptional at any event.

In addition, there are sheer stockings that are easy and comfortable to wear. They are apt to go with office wear or a night out and a definite way to make your legs look great. If you wish to try something different go for lace stockings that will look chic and sensuous. With so many latest designs available in lace stockings, you cannot stop from getting noticed.

Generally hosiery is measured in 'diners' which shows the thickness of the fiber and 'gauge' represents the number of stitches in a line. Therefore, as long as the fabric is pure nylon, lesser the diner number, finer the stockings. Moreover, stockings are made with different kinds of knits. Like the regular flat knit, earlier this knit was used to make stockings which were soft and smooth. In addition, there are other types of knit like 'Kant run', Micromesh, Pebble mesh and Textures.

You will be surprised to know that this pair of clothing was introduced about 400 years back in 1589. An English churchman Rev. William Lee invented the first knitting machine. At that time they started making hosiery from cotton, silk and wool. The machine was very valuable for the country to the extent that the queen declared death penalty to anyone who tried to export the machine.

In that era stockings were worn in different ways. Sometimes a number of silk stockings were worn to protect from cold. In the 17th century when big boots were in fashion, linen overstockings were worn to protect the silk stockings worn beneath. Till the end of 18th century men used to wear silk stockings but later long trousers were in trend and hence stockings were replaced by socks and have been worn since then.

Long silk stockings bounced back in fashion after the First World War when short skirts became fashionable. Women had access to cotton stockings too. With the invention of 'Dupont Nylon' fibre, the dominance of silk stockings faded away and Nylon stockings came in vogue after World War II.

It is said that when the first nylon stockings were made available in New York stores in the year 1940, it became an instant hit and over 72,000 pairs were sold on the very first day. Thereafter, in the first year of its release almost 64 million pairs of stockings were sold and the producers were unable to meet the demand of the people.

In the 60's modern 'reinforced heel and toe' (RHT) flawless stockings came into the scene. These stockings are without any break or disruptions as they are made by tightening the stitches on a circular knitting machine. Later when women wore very short skirts, stockings went at the backstage and tights were more preferred. The stockings almost got vanished as pantyhose gained popularity. Fortunately, they are back in fashion in the 21st century to accentuate the woman's figure.
 At present stockings are made comfortable and accessible at all apparel stores. They are the hottest garment in town to spice up a womans look. It is the easiest way to make your legs look great by teaming up your attire with the right kind of stockings. Fashion stockings have become indispensable part of womans wardrobe to fire up their style quotient.

source: http://www.fibre2fashion.com